At CTS, we're committed to providing a diverse range of opportunities through our internship program.  Our program is designed to help interns explore career paths, develop professional skills, and experience personal growth.  Each intern is matched with a manager based on their degree and interests.

We believe that internships are a valuable part of a student's education and we strive to provide a supportive and rewarding experience for all of our interns.  For those who complete internships immediately prior to graduation, there is potential for a full-time job offer to start their career after graduation.  We are also happy to work with students to provide college credit for their internship experience.


Open Positions


Applications are usually available from February 1st to the end of March.


We don’t require a specific major to be able to apply for the internship. There are varying roles you can have as an intern that don’t require specific areas of study. We strive to welcome everyone.

You can still apply for the internship if you are in community college. What we find more important is finding individuals eager to learn a field that is not often specifically taught in school. This in turn can create an interest in our industry and potentially leaf to a full time job offer after college.

Yes, you can interview remotely. Presently our internships are only available in Phoenix and Indianapolis. We have offices in California and Tennessee as well and hope to expand our internship program to those offices in the next couple of years.

You do not need a cover letter, but it is recommended you get one.

Yes, although it is on a case-by-case basis. We partner with the colleges to see if they can provide funding for the internship. If the internship isn’t fully or partially funded by the educational institution, then CTS pays for the internship. Return interns receive a pay bump.